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Recent "hoppenings" at The Rabbit Habit:

Please note: Current high bid as of 3/7/2012 is $200

The Rabbit Habit domestic rabbit rescue is seeking a new president. We are a 501(c)3, non-profit organization that has been in existence since 1997. We pride ourselves on the quality of our adoptive homes, not the quantity, and have rescued over 320 rabbits. We have a good volunteer base and adequate current funding. Ideally, the candidate will meet the following criteria:

  • reside in Southeastern Pennsylvania (preferably)
  • have a good knowledge of rabbit health and behavior
  • have space inside the home to foster rabbits (as many or as few as wanted)
  • be willing to work with the current president during the transition of duty
  • able to be a strong leader with good people skills
  • lead volunteers by example and with kindness
  • have time to commit to the rescue/foster bunnies
  • follow the mission of the rescue
  • have the stamina to complete the duties on a daily basis
  • have experience giving subcutaneous injections, including medications and fluids, tend to ill rabbits with an array of maladies, and get to a veterinarian at any time of the day or night
  • understand that the foster rabbits’ needs take priority over personal needs
  • make good judgments regarding adoption applicants
  • be proactive
  • be able to balance a budget and manage funding
  • deal well with the public
  • have good time management skills
  • have “stick-to-it-tive-ness” and not mind hard work
A new president would be able to set the limits on taking in foster bunnies as she/he sees fit to accommodate. The current president would pass over all materials, merchandise, funding (which would need a separate person as Treasurer), and any other pertinent items and information regarding the rescue and foster bunnies. Current foster bunnies WILL NOT be passed on to a new president, if any remain in foster care at the time. If the new president is in the Greater Philadelphia area, most likely many current volunteers would remain active. Interested individuals may email Kerry Stewart at or call 215-517- 7067. * The current Rabbit Habit Membership reserves the right to chose the new president from among the interested candidates.

The Rabbit Habit is scaling back the number of foster bunnies that we have in foster care. We are no longer taking in new fosters at this time, and hope to find a rabbit-experienced individual to take over the rescue sometime in 2012. If you, or someone you know, is interested in running a 501(c)3, domestic rabbit rescue, please email The Rabbit Habit.

Featured Member/Volunteer
Wayne Moore is a rugged guy who has a soft heart for bunnies. Wayne offers his time generously to The Rabbit Habit to clean cages, do transports, and socialize bunnies. His handy man skills also have helped us out very much. Thank you, Wayne, for all that you do to help our organization! We appreciate you so much!
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Please support pet supply stores that DO NOT SELL ANIMALS! Click here for a list of stores in the Greater Philadelphia Area. DO NOT BREED, SELL, OR BUY, WHILE SHELTER ANIMALS DIE!!!
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