The Rabbit Habit: Adoptables - Alumni


Dory moved in with Kimberly and Dan Scott of Philadelphia, PA.
Jojo made friends with Florrie at Kerry Stewart’s in Glenside, PA.
Janni fell for Quigley and went to live with Steve and Laura Waskovich of Willow Grove, PA
Sawyer found a pal in Linus at Kerry Stewart’s in Glenside, PA
Thorn liked Eve, and went to Sara Johnson’s in Feasterville, PA
Zoey was reunited with sister, Eve, at Sara Johnson’s in Feasterville, PA
Melissa found admirers in Harry and Pat Brown, of Lansdale, PA.


Dinah was reunited with brother Pie, at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA
Florrie hopped across the hallway to join Teddy and Ginger, at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA
Hoppy became fast friends with Ginger and Teddy, at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA
Butch fell for Nadia and caught a ride home with Kimberly and Dan Scott of Philadelphia, PA.
Rufus found love with Jane (formerly Chanel) and now resides with Mike and Mary Marella of Villas, NJ.
Liesel found a friend in Hazel and moved a few blocks away to live with Brenton and Gloria Webber of Ardsley, PA.


Veludo and Pie have taken up residency with CJ and Juliet, at the home of Kerry Stewart in Glenside, PA. 
Chrissy and Cholly hit the big time, and moved in with Jeff and Norah Shultz of Laverock, PA.
Sandy stayed with foster mom, Gail Cardwell, of Trevose, PA.
Bria stole the hearts of Amaris Elliot-Engel and Jason Rearick, and now lives in Philadelphia, PA.
Reese packed his bags for Morgan Zazow's of Doylestown, PA.


Deirdre took the fancy of Sharon Boram, and now lives in Lansdale, PA.
Linus stayed with foster mom, Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA.
Colin found a place in the hearts and home of the Ciliberto family in Horsham, PA.
Lance is now part of a trio, and along with CJ and Juliet, live with Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA
Rudy joins Quigley Waskovich in the home of Mark and Laura Waskovich of Willow Grove, PA.
Brady hit it off with Humphrey and moved in with Brian and Denise Harris of Philadelphia, PA.
Quigley's foster parents couldn't let him go, and he now lives with The Waskovich's of Willow Grove, PA.
TJ was adopted by his foster family, The Wallace's of Fort Washington, PA.
Gwen, Cadbury, and Trix are staying with foster mom, Melanie Dalrymple-Lepore of Philadelphia, PA.
Eve joins former foster Han, in the home of Sara Johnson of Feasterville, PA.
Max found a best friend in Leon, and was officially adopted by Bill and Jackie Tiede of Paoli, PA.
Wylie fell hard for former foster, Carney, and now resides with Tom and Donna Whelans of Warrington, PA.
Mercy is a lucky girl to have found the Berkheiser family, and move to Berwick, PA.
Lindy joined forces with former foster, Chester, and moved in with Cathy Montiegel and Alan Stryeski of Lansdale, PA.
Ned made it out of foster care and into a good home quickly. He now resides in Yardley, PA, with the Staab family.
Hope and Silver now reside together in the home of Mia Perry of Philadelphia, PA.
Chelsea was reunited with brother Charlie, and now lives with Jeff and Norah Shultz of Laverock, PA.
Tyler caught the eyes of Mark and Louise Buber of Horsham, PA.
Theo was swept up by Donna Iannuzzi of Willow Grove, PA.
Lady hopped on up the highway to live with Megan Lawhead of Horsham, PA.
Mira moved into the bunny room with Fremont at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.


Luther found a friend in Erin Wimmer of Philadelphia, PA.
Petey and Princess hopped on over to Willow Grove, PA, with Frank and Margie Martinez.
Abigail stole the heart of Gina Klepdadlo, and now lives in Glenside, PA.
Neco and Riley now live together with the McGee Family of Roslyn, PA.
Nikki joined the crew at Joe and Leslie Murphy's in Norristown, PA.
Sienna and Foster have the honeymoon suite at the Gumppers of West Chester PA.
Kerry is reunited with brother Ben, and now lives with Joan Schneider of Cheltenham, PA
Ave caught the eye and heart of Rachel Wechsler of Philadelphia, PA.
Levi was adopted by his foster parents, Ryan and Joan Forry of Havertown, PA.
Ally won over bunny boy, Charlie, and joined the gang at Jeff and Norah Shultz's home in Laverock, PA.
Jill was scooped up by the MacKenzie family of Cheltenham, PA.
Olivia became pals with Violet , and now calls the home of David and Kristin Yam of Philadelphia, PA, hers.
Rowan decided that Amy Mistal was going to be his mom, and moved to Bethlehem, PA
Samuel made quite an impression on Angel Reeves of Aston, PA, and now has a forever home with her.
Hobie and Benjamin made a trio with Snowy, and hopped on over the Cheltenham, PA with Joan Schneider.
Boyce hit the jackpot when Leila Fusfeld of Philadelphia took him on home.
Mia fell for Peanut, then moved in with him and Theresa Romaldini of Norristown, PA.
Chanel headed for the Jersey sand and sun, when she found bunny friend, Bingley, and parents Mike and Mary Marella of Villas.
Tink rules the roost at the home of Scott Doty and Jessica Merlin of Philadelphia, PA.
Wylie discovered love with bunny boy Rocky, and has moved in with Courtney Doyle of Philadelphia, PA.
Faith happily joins former foster, Noel, in the home of Joe and Leslie Murphy of Norristown, PA
Briar is the luckiest boy to now share a home with Tracy and Warren Petrofsky of East Norriton, PA.
Noel was the chosen one for Joe and Leslie Murphy of Norristown, PA.
Thistle joined forces with Sharon Boram of Lansdale, PA and her two bunnies Leslie and Hazel.
Belle found a friend in Janie Landes of Dublin, PA, and now has two bunny siblings in Dodger and Izzy.
Thayer now has the company of bunny Silvie and Cathy Anderson of Washington, DC
Thorn won over Stu and Bobbie Pennypacker of Fort Washington, PA, and has taken up residence with them.
Carney fell for Valentine, and now resides with Tom and Donna Whelans of Warrington, PA
Lenny has two new friends in former fosters Daisy and Hansel, and now resides in Feasterville, PA with Sara Johnson.
Luke made friends with former foster, Daisy, and has new parents in Ryan and Joan Forry of Narberth, PA
Dublin was adopted by her foster parents, Emil and Coleen Pilacik of Levittown, PA.
Paige met a friend in Thumper, and went South to live with David and Leah Schutzman of Newtown Square, PA.
Oliver had eyes for bunny girl, Ruby, and now lives in Philadelphia with Jessie Merlin and Scott Doty.
Fremont and Eli are now buddies and have moved in with Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA.


Hansel (Han) took up housekeeping with former foster, Daisy, and now lives in Feasterville with Sara Johnson.
Charlie got under the skin of Norah Shultz of Laverock, PA, and joins her bunny gang there.
Gretel packed her bags and moved in with bunny boy, Rocky, and new mom Gwen Bitting of Langhorne, PA.
Truman won over Megan Lynam, and joins her in Philadelphia, PA.
Juliet moved across the hall at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Esme fell for bunny boy, Sam, and hopped home with Lori Busch of Ardmore, PA.
Quincy stole the heart of Jenn Wheatly, and moved on in to her place in Hatboro, PA.
Timothy was one lucky, little boy to go home with Fred and Clare Schilling of Pottstown, PA.
Emily decided to stay with her foster parents, Emil and Coleen Pilacik of Levittown, PA.
Boz made friends with Jay Kormish of Hollywood, PA, and moved on in.
Harley wiggled his way into the heart and home of Danya Warfield of Philadelphia, PA
Bowie hit the road with former foster, Chet, and the Staubs of Yardley, PA
Nicholas lucked out, and stayed with his foster parents, Emil and Coleen Pilacik of Levittown, PA.
Pepper and bunny friend, Buddy, are now the item, and live with the Fox family of Ambler, PA.
Mama made the move South, to live with former foster Mike, and the Denaro family of Glen Mills, PA.
Gus will be staying with his foster parents, Cathy Montiegel and Alan Stryeski, of Lansdale, PA.
Pocus and Simon, mother and son, re-bonded and hitched a ride home with Bill and Lori Holdsworth of Newtown, PA.
Hocus has a new family of pets and people, as he moves in with Frank and Debbie Preedy of Riegelsville, PA.
L.G. found a new bunny love in Hugo, and new mom and dad in Tracy Holy and Justin Reed of Philadelphia.
Leslie's charms won over Sharon Boram of Lansdale, PA, and she now has a bunny sister and kitty sisters and brothers.
Paige and Abigail struck it lucky, and now lives with Laura Benoit of Haverford, PA.
Ginger hit it off with Teddy, and moved across the hallway to Kerry Stewart's bunny room.
Bumper joins the bunny clan at John and Collie Turner's in Rydal, PA.
Domino hopped into the hearts and home of Carolyn Nehring and Allen Ahlvin of Abington, PA.
Greyson will have twice the fun with new bunny sisters Violet and Vanilla, and human friends Ryan and Joan Forry, Narberth, PA.
Teddy and Shadow teamed up and moved across the hall at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Evan now hangs out with Humphrey bunny and new parents Brian and Denise Harris of Morrisville, PA.
Naomi found a pal in Buddha, and now lives in Morrisville, PA with Kim Llewellyn.


Bramble set his sights on Philadelphia, PA, and made is home with Jeannine Brown.
Chester caught the eye of Beatrix bunny, and now lives with Cathy Montiegel and Alan Stryeski in Lansdale, PA.
Sammy packed his bags and moved in with Liz Pierce of Norritown, PA.
Angel spread her wings and flew to Higley, Arizona with former RH Volunteer Janine Barrera.
Mardi packed her bags and went home with Morgan and Sandy Smith of Jamison, PA.
Gigi found a new friend in Scooter, and human companions in John and Collie Turner of Rydal, PA.
Cleo and Noelle are embarking on a new adventure together by joining Sandra Goodrich at her home in Philadelphia, PA.
Wrangler found friends in three former RH fosters, and hangs with them at Norah Peters-Davis'.
Ashlyn didn't fall far from the foster home, by moving in with Quinn at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Dominique hopped on up the highway to live with Liz Zodeiko and bunny, Basil.
Bo was a lucky bunny boy, and joined Karima Sharma and Aaron Butler in their Horsham, PA home.
Mariel returned to her former friend, Rachel Mellace, of Glenside, PA.
Rerun was rehomed with Rich and Jennifer Simonek of Allentown, PA, and will join former foster, Cindy, as her husbun.
Roxie made the long trip across the hallway to join the boy bunch at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Chip fell in love with Winky, and has a new mom and dad in Sasha Vinokur- Perez and husband D.J.
Tess stole the hearts of Coleen and Emil Pilacik of Levittown, PA, and she has moved in with them.
Guthrie was too cute to resist, and has joined Kerry Stewart's bunny brigade, in Glenside, PA.
Pattycakes found her forever home with Sarah Greenwood and family, in Lansdale, PA.
Morgan was swept up by Sandy Smith of Chalfont, PA, and now enjoys the run of the house.
Trinket found love again, when she moved to Washington, DC with Cathy Anderson and bunny boy Boobie.
Scooter stole the hearts of John and Collie Turner, and now has his own room in Rydal, PA.
Cindy adopted Rich and Jennifer Simonek as her parents and went to live in Allentown, PA.
Snow went home with Maureen McGee of Philadelphia, PA.


Silver hopped on home with Diane Humenik of Macungie, PA.
Wyatt joins bunny "brothers" Bobby and Snowball in the home of Valerie Messick and Jack Selcovitz of Philadelphia, PA
Bink's lucky day came when he moved in with Norah Peters-Davis, and her troop of bunnies.
Cabott won the heart of Liz Hungerford, and went to Norristown, PA to join her zoo.
Dodger got the loving home he deserves with Janie Landes of Dublin, PA.
Berkeley was swept up by Janine Barrera of Lansdale, PA.
Doc fell head over heels for bunny girl, Annette, and went to live with the Squires family of Plymouth Meeting, PA.
Igloo went from single foster bunny, to one in a "six-pack," when he joined new bunny friends at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Tyler joined the bunny crew at the home of Sean and Desiree Mecca of Horsham, PA.
Windsor has two new parents in Sean and Desiree Mecca of Horsham, PA, and two new sisters who are wrapped around his little toe, in Inky and Nibbles.
Emma has settled in nicely, and is being spoiled by her new friends Patty and Vince Critelli of Philadelphia, PA.
C.J. moved across the hall at former foster mom, Kerry Stewart, of Glenside, PA, and now lives with the elder bun gang.
Kisses made a new buddy in Thedo, and moved in with Murray Callahan and Christopher Blackwell of Havertown, PA.
Harry and Fremont packed their bags and went on home with Elizabeth Boyd of Jenkintown, PA.
Laila never came back from "temporary" foster care with Norah Peters-Davis of Wyndmoor, PA, and now has a new friend in Bunny Rabbit.
Cinnamon charmed her new family and moved to West Chester with Penelope and Annie Boyd.
Eva found new friends in Jennifer and Mukul Talaty of Philadelphia, PA.
Hercules has found a home after nearly four years in foster care with Debbie and Frank Preedy of Riegelsville, PA. Congratulations, Herc!
Potter hopped into the hearts of Fred and Clare Schilling of Pottstown, PA, and now has a new bunny friend in Velvet.
Sam found a wonderful home and friendship with former foster, Tickles, when he moved in with Janie Landes of Dublin, PA.
Spot made fast friends with Angelini, and went home with new mom, Robin Mitchell of Bristol, PA.
Ginny stole the hearts of Cindy Dopp and daughter Bridget of Philadelphia, PA.
Stormy was reunited with his brother Pip when he moved in with Terrence and Melissa Gumpper with their buns Panzi, Poppy, Poe, and former Rabbit Habit fosters Pip and Monty in West Chester, PA. He lives with Pip and Monty.
Tabitha caught the eye of Diane of Devon, PA, and has become her roomie.


Quinn went from foster to forever bun, when he became buddies with Snoopy at Kerry Stewart's in Glenside, PA.
Dewey joined the "old bunny bunch," at the home of former foster mom, Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA.
Lance joins sister Twinkle, and human companions Johanna Hibbs and Peter Janus of Philadelphia, PA.
Tickles was swooped up by RH member, Janie Landes, and went home to meet new sisters, Isabella and Ashley.
Bandit wound Amy Humenia around his little toe, and went home to Levittown, PA.
Arthur hopped on home with Liz Pierce of Ambler, PA, and joins former fosters Hickory, Jewel, and new bunny brother Eli.
Winnie joined former RH foster Ashley, and new bunny sister Isabella in the home of Janie Landes of Dublin, PA.
Snoopy found new friends Spencer and Cadence, and room to spare with foster mom, Kerry Stewart, of Glenside, PA.
Ashley found her real forever home with Janie Landes of Dublin. Congrats, Ash!
Hope made a love connection with Mochi, and now lives with him and human companion Ava Thomas of York, PA.
Lana, after four years as a foster bunny, found a forever home with foster mom, Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA.
Lexie and Blade will stay with their former foster mom, Norah Peters-Davis and foster dad, Brad Davis of Wyndmoor, PA.
Reeves, renamed Moby, moved in with former Rabbit Habit fosters Mickey and Bailey, and their mom, Dorothy Hoffman of Lansdowne, PA.
Quinten was adopted and stayed with his foster mom, Camille Bitting of Lansdale, PA.
Pattycakes now has two bunny buddies and a human friend in Christy Perrucci of Warminster, PA.
Snip did a flip over Toby, and went to live with him and new parents, Gail Speakman and Peter Cavallo.
L.B. drove on down to Washington, D.C., to settle in with Cathy Anderson and former foster Jack (now Boobie).
Jewel joins former foster Hickory, and his pal Eli, at the home of Liz Pierce of Ambler, PA.
Spencer joined new friend, Cadence, when adopted by his foster mom, Kerry Stewart of Glenside, PA.
Twinkle and Carmine were adopted together and took up residence with Johanna Hibbs and Peter Janis of Marlton, NJ.
Taylor and Edy got a second chance at a forever home with Cristina Becker of Philadelphia, PA.
Nelson turned the heads and hearts of Nikki Allen and Ben Dilks of Royersford, PA.
Snickers and Buster got adopted together into the home of Chris and Michele Mazurek of Ambler, PA. Way to go boys! 
Hickory found a new bunny friend named Eli, and a new human friend, Liz Pierce, of Ambler, PA.
Brindle moved in with former foster Toohey and the other Martinez bunnies, when she went home with Frank and Margie of Willow Grove, PA.
Digger was swept up by Catherine Spurway of King of Prussia, PA and will now live happily-ever-after.
Beau was more than happy to go home with Kimberly and David Day of Philadelphia, PA.
Frick finally got a home after three years in foster care!!! He now resides with Stephanie Resh in Morrisville, PA.
Ruby became a Philadelphia girl, when she was adopted by new mom, Amanda Lang.
Birch moved to the town next door, when he went to live with Laura Capka in Dresher, PA.


Chase hopped on over to Wyndmoor, PA, to join Norah and Brad Davis, and their first lop, Bunny Rabbit.
Bobby was swooped up by Jack Selcovitz and Valerie Messick and taken to their bunny-friendly home to live with Stephen, Snowball and Thumper.
Dallett has decided to stay with foster mom, Deneen Welsh, and bunnies in Exton, PA.
Samantha and Trudy hopped into the hearts and home of the Matheson family of Downingtown, PA.
Bonnie now lives with Tara and Jason Gray in Bethlehem, PA.
Gracie hopped on over to Norristown to take up residence with bunny boy, Bun, and humans Karen and Ben Divver.
Monty moved in with former Rabbit Habit foster, Pip and the rest of the Terrance and Melissa Gumpper clan in West Chester, PA.
Shelby went to live with former foster, Skye, and new mom, Jennifer Fosbenner in Wilmington, DE.
Wallaby and Ash hitched a ride to Elkton, MD, and moved in with the Prach family.
Cedar hopped on up to Sag Harbor, NY, to live with Kimberly and Sue Yoder and kitty- friend, Franklin. 
Cadbury moved in with the Neil Bangor family of Abington, PA. 
Tammy and Daisy join new bunny friend, Snowflake, and new mom Sara Johnson of Philadelphia, PA.
Scruffles fell for Santa Paws and moved in with Dana Scott of Philadelphia, PA. 
Tyke took up with Bailey Bunny and humans, The McCarty's in Collegeville, PA.
Gwyn got a home with Kathy Stohrer in Sellersville, PA. 
Violet and Sabrina hopped home with Joan Grassbaugh and Ryan Forry of Philadelphia, PA.
Roo became a member of the Messick family of Philadelphia, PA. 
Scooter and Bunky are living together with the Costantinis of Holland, PA. 
Maren went across town in Glenside, PA to the home of "Judy Tudy" Seidel and family. 
Aspen hopped into the hearts and home of the Davis family in Lansdale, PA. 
George hopped into a new home with Bob Hunt and Sandra McCabe in Chestnut Hill, PA. 
Chantel traveled south to Wilmington, DE with new mom, Christi Johnson. 
Bob went from foster to adoptee in the home of Kelli Maloney, Lansdale, PA. 
Kizzie became a permanent member of the Bill and Karen Heebner family of Chalfont, PA. 
Roger moved to Kerry Stewart's bunny room in Glenside, PA. 
Pete will make the move from Ambler to Oxford when LeeAnn Riloff and Paul Alig move to their new home. 
Baily (not shown) and Bebe joined former RH foster, Mickey, in the home of Dorothy Hoffman in Narberth, PA. 
Sara traveled with Melanie Lewis to her new home in Indiana, PA. 
Butterscotch joined the bunny crew at the Frank and Margie Martinez home in Willow Grove, PA. 
Gia hopped into the home of Christine Tubiak, Bryn Mawr, PA. 
Toohey went home with Frank and Margie Martinez of Willow Grove, PA. 
Caesar joins members Frank and Debbie Preedy and bunnies in Riegelsville, PA. 
Chet moved in with the Joseph Staab family of Yardley, PA. 
Mike went home with the Denardos of Glen Mills, PA. 


Dazey takes up residence with companion Coca at Maureen McGee's in Philadelphia, PA.
Sweet Pea joins companion bunny, Merry in Landisville, PA with Amy Huber.  
Thumper moved in with the Vigliotti family - Nick, Adriana and Laura in Holland, PA. 
Hugs now lives in Folsom, PA with Amy Ferrell. 
Oreo has moved in with Alicia Goren and boyfriend, Tim, in Willow Grove, PA. 
Sugar found a home with Krupa and Andrew Budman from Elkins Park, PA. . 
Boing now resides in Haddonfield, NJ with Kezia Read. 
Murphy became part of the Toropin family of Lansdale, PA. 
Charcoal and Big Red Guy share life with Laura and Steve Wukovitz in Philadelphia, PA.
Scamper moved in with Donna Good of Yardley, PA. 
Midnight resides in Trevose, PA with Lori Ryan. 
Pierre became part of the Idleman family and moved to Allentown, PA. 
Buttons lives the good life with Lori and Gerry in CenterValley, PA. 
Berringer went home with Jamie Kirkpatrick 
and Greg Lehmer in Mt. Joy, PA.
Skye now resides in Philadelphia, PA with 
Jennifer Fosbenner.
Rooney moved in with bunny friend Puck and
humans, Nelson and Tracey Ward from State College, PA.
Blackie found a home in Morrisville, PA with
Robin Mitchell and new bunny pal Angelo.




Darkness and Sable are with Frank and Margie Martinez in Willow Grove, PA.
Holly and Symphony went home to Elaine Ross
in Brighton, MI.
Robyn is now living with Kathy Newman and bunny,
Danny in Philadelphia, PA.
Cadence is living with Kerry Stewart and buns in Glenside, PA.
Mickey joins Lilith and Dorothy Hoffman
in Narberth, PA.
Snip (II) has a home with Beth Magaw and family in MD. 
Babette lives with Cookie and Maureen McGee in Philadelphia, PA.
Polka Dot found a home with Joy and 
Becky Ramil in Roslyn, PA. 
Ashley was adopted by Beth Ann Glitz and
lives in Doylestown, PA. 
Buster found a friend in Carlene and Lauren Moyer in Whitehall, PA.
Ziggy now resides with Maureen McGee and has had a name change to "Satin".
Elmo now lives with Sandy Smith and 
family in Chalfont, PA. 
Storm is with Nancy Richter in North 
Jake was adopted by Cindy Dopp and daughter Bridget, happily living in Philadelphia, PA.
Clarisse, a sweet little dwarf mix, was adopted by Chuck and Amy Yatsko from Wayne, PA and bonded  with their bunny Joey.
Buzz, a young Netherland Dwarf, was adopted by his Rabbit Habit foster mom, Deneen Welsh. He will live with her bunnies Peanut and Squitters.
Rory, brother of Storm and father to Simone's bundles of joy, was adopted by Nancy Richter and family and will live in North Brunswick, NJ.
Thumper will be living with Valerie and Jack Messick in Philadelphia, PA with their bunny Snowball.
Coy, a little Netherland Dwarf rescued from the Abington SPCA, has been taken home by members Terrence and Melissa Gumpper.
Snip, yet another of Simone's little girls, now has a home.
Floppy, is living in Springfield, PA with Sharon Regan.





Pip, a black Mini-Lop, now lives with members Terrence and Melissa Gumpper with their buns Panzi, Poppy, and Poe.


Big Red, a Red Satin, now lives with members LeeAnn Rilof and Paul Alig and their buns Trixie and Jam.


Tug, a grey Dwarf mix, now lives with Denny and Bill Whalen in Ambler, Pennsylvania.


Dorsey, a male Spot, and Miss Dewlap
a female Harlequin (see picture at right), were fostered by member Jennifer Miller until they were adopted by Al and Sherri Windhurst of Havertown, Pennsylvania. Sherri has a large crew of bunnies and other pets. Miss Dewlap is living with the "living room" group and doing very well.







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