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Blythe: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away in April, of the complications of age.  Blythe was  a former lab rabbit bred by the Department of Agriculture, sold to Smith, Kline, Beecham, then donated to Manor College for their Vet Tech program.  She came to us at age two, and lived in foster care for the next six years.  Blythe was a beautiful, gentle girl and an easy bunny to care for.  She learned to trust in our care, and seemed content just to be here.  Good-bye, dear friend, you will be so very much missed.

Penny: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away on February 16, 2007 from congestive heart failure. Originally put out with someone's trash, Penny came into foster care and bonded with Lenny, who was her companion for three years. She had many difficulties in life, including molar problems, but she was always strong and sweet. Lenny and I will never forget you, and will always miss you, special girl.



Lucy: a Rabbit Habit foster for two years, passed away on December 21st from kidney failure. Lucy and her two daughters, Cleo and Noelle, were slated to be meat rabbits when The Rabbit Habit intervened. She was a shy, sweet beauty, who loved to lounge, eat and look out her window. She will be so very much missed by her foster mom, the members and volunteers. Goodbye sweetheart.

Jesse: a three-week-old baby Dutch, who was taken away from her mother and sold, at far too young of an age, passed away in our care the same day she came in. Without her mother, and after being fed an improper diet of lettuce, her body gave out on her. I weep for your mistreatment, little one. You are in a far better place now.

Darla: an RH foster bunny for four years, passed away on Sunday, November 5th from stomach cancer. Darla was transported up from a rescue that was closing in NC, along with siblings Fremont, Harry and Ashlyn. She was a quiet, beauty who never made it to a home of her own. She joins brother Harry at the Bridge, and will be missed by all of those who came to know her. I wish you peace, sweet girl.

Dewey Stewart: passed away on July 28th. Also known as Little Man, Dewey had come into foster care in June 2003 with TRH, after surviving the horrors of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue. Dewey had many health issues that were cleared up in our care. Adopted in December of 2003, he was a sweet and feisty little bunny boy, who loved his friends in the back pen - Guthrie and CJ. He joins a host of friends at the Bridge - Lana, Clancy, Roger, Roxie, Igloo, and Rusty. Mommy will miss her little man with the big appetite.

Flurry: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away on July 17th after a short, serious illness. Flurry had been with TRH since January 2004, and was a favorite foster of many who came to know her. She had a gentle, loving nature and also a fun side, as she loved to run and binky. Flurry will not soon be forgotten, and she leaves behind many friends of TRH who loved her very much.

Igloo Stewart: passed away during surgery for a broken femur on April 18th. Igloo came into TRH in September 2000 and remained in foster care until October 2004, when he joined the back pen gang. Igloo was a marshmallow of a boy, shy and sweet-natured. With the acceptance and gentle friendship of the other bunnies, Igloo gained confidence and was able to accept pets and kisses from people more readily. Gone unexpectedly, Igloo left many sad friends behind - Dewey, Guthrie and CJ, and joins others at the Bridge - Lana, Roger, Clancy and Roxie. You are very much missed, my sweet boy.

Shadow: a former Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away on March 5, 2006. A two-year-old, former classroom bunny, Shadow had issues with her kidneys, that soon became chronic. She was an ever-sweet foster, and even more angelic as an adopted companion bunny. Shadow leaves behind her Teddy, who adored her to no end, and a mommy who feels the same. We were fortunate to have known you, beautiful girl, and you will remain a special, warm place in our hearts forever.



Roxie: Roxie Stewart unexpectedly passed away on November 5, 2005. As a RH foster bunny, Roxie battled uterine cancer, breast cancer and respiratory infection. With her illness under control, she was adopted by foster mom, Kerry and joined former RH foster bunnies CJ, Igloo, Dewey and Guthrie. She was well-loved by these bunny friends, and her foster mom too. Roxie, thank you for being a good friend to all of us. You taught us a lot about persevering. We love you!

Chessie: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away suddenly on September 9, 2005. Chessie was a phenomenal bunny, faced with many challenges in life. Her bravery, and will to go on, was outstanding. Her beauty and sweet, sweet nature melted the heart. She will be so very much missed, but never, ever forgotten. She leaves behind four beautiful, almost one-year-old babies - Chip, Chelsea, Chester and Charlie.

Snoopy Stewart: passed away, following a short illness, on July 24th, 2005. Snoopy was one of the Little Miracles bunnies taken in by TRH, when they were closing their doors. Adopted out for less than 14 hours, Snoopy decided to come home, to live with his foster mom for the rest of his days. He leaves behind a close bunny companion, Quinn, and a mommy who misses him every day. You will be with me forever and always, Snoopy, my sweet, little bundle of cuteness.

Kate: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away during surgery on June 14th, 2005. Formerly of Little Miracles Rabbit Rescue, Kate and 14 other bunnies arrived at The Rabbit Habit in June of 2003, where they received adequate food and health care. Kate was the last Little Miracles bunny in foster care, and was awaiting an upcoming adoption/bonding when she passed away. She was a tiny cutie, who was sweet and attentive outside her cage. You will be missed by all of the Rabbit Habit members and volunteers, Kate, and especially by foster mom, Kerry, whose love goes with you.

Bruno: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny came into foster care with a bad jawbone abscess. He was put on treatment immediately, and underwent surgery to trim and remove teeth, but several days later, passed away. Bruno, you gave it a valiant effort, sweetheart. You were with us too short of a time, but we loved you very much, and will never forget you, handsome boy.

Roger Stewart: passed away on April 19th from the complications of age. At age nine, Roger's recent losses of two elder bunny friends were a strain on his health, which had been fairly good until that point. Roger was a creampuff of a boy, and will be so very much missed by mom, Kerry, and bunny friends Dewey, Igloo, CJ and guinea pig Rusty. Roger joins his very close bunny friends at the bridge, Lana, Clancy and Raven. You were such a kind and gentle patriarch bunny, Roger. Peace and repose to you, my love.

Keeley: a rabbit habit foster bunny, passed away during surgery on April 1, 2005. Keeley was a beautiful cinnamon-colored Dutch girl, who had come such a long way in foster care. She was attentive and intelligent. Keeley will be missed by foster mom, Kerry, the Rabbit Habit members and volunteers. I am so proud of all that you accomplished here, Keeley. May peace be yours. Thank you for all that you gave to us.

Clancy Stewart: passed away on March 24, 2005 from the complications of age and paralysis. With mom, Kerry, for eight wonderful years, Clancy was a precious and loving bunny friend, adored by all who met him. Clancy leaves behind bunny friends Roger, Dewey, CJ, Igloo and Rusty, the guinea pig. He joins many bunny friends at the Bridge - Dexter, Chloe, Dane, Derby, Sandi, Raven, Cozy, and Lana. Run free in Bunny Heaven, sweet one. Mommy will miss your loving spirit and generous kisses each and every day.

Lana Stewart: passed away on March 20, 2005 from age and cancer. Lana spent three years as a Rabbit Habit foster bunny before being adopted by her foster mom, Kerry. Lana was a sweet bunny girl, with breath-taking beauty. She lovingly cared for her bunny companions Clancy, Roger, Dewey, CJ, Igloo, and guinea pig friend, Rusty. We will all miss your sweet, giving spirit, Lana. Thank you for all that you gave to us.

Willow: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away peacefully on February 27, 2005, after three years in foster care. Willow was a shy girl, who was timid with touching. She made few demands and was a big, beautiful girl to look at. Willow will be missed by her foster mom, Kerry, by those members and volunteers who knew her, and by her fellow foster bunnies. May you romp with peace and confidence at the bridge, sweetheart.



Trent: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away suddenly on July 24, 2004 from heart failure. Trent was a shy little sweetie, who mellowed with age. He never missed out on veggie treats, until his final night. He leaves behind a companion bunny, Trinket, who shared his life for four years. He also leaves behind Daisy, the mother of his litter, and five grown babies: Samantha, Violet, Sabrina (now Vanilla), Scooter and Bunky. Trent joins daughter, Trudy, at the bridge. Hope you can feel like this foster home was nearly as good as a forever home, Trent, for you were completely loved for four wonderful years.




Simone: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away suddenly on January 10, 2003. Simone, and brother Frick had been in foster care longer than any other Rabbit Habit bunnies. Simone delivered our first litter in late 1999. She was a shy and sweet little girl, who loved her veggies. She joins brother, Frack, in Bunny Heaven, and will be very much missed by her brother, Frick. Simone leaves behind her grown babies, Spencer, Melody, Snip, Buttons, Charcoal, Sable, Darkness, and Holly.

Tonia Stewart: passed away suddenly on January 18, 2003. Tonia was a shy, but sweet girl, with a big appetite and the most beautiful eyes ever seen. Tonia will be missed, but never forgotten by mom, Kerry. Tonia I will miss your standing on your back feet to try and get the first treats at feeding time. I hope to see you standing like that to greet me when I get to the Bridge.

Siobhan: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away on January 21, 2003 due to complications caused by her paralysis. Siobhan entered foster care with an injured spine and was ever-brave and patient. She was a most beautiful and sweet little bunny girl, who will be sadly missed by foster mom, Kerry. Siobhan, I hope you are in a place, now, where you can run and binkie until your sweet, little heart's content. Shine bright, baby girl.

Cozy Stewart: passed away on January 29, 2003 from complications associated with advanced age. She was a shy, sweetie who lived with mom, Kerry, for nearly seven years. Cozy will be missed by companions Briley, Roger and Derby, as well as mom. Cozy will join friend Calla and longtime, special companion, Tinker, at the Bridge. You are back with your Tink, Cozy. I know you are truly happy now. Mom loves you!

Angel Stewart: passed away on February 1, 2003 due to complications of age. Angel was a beautiful Lop/Angora mix. Born with only three legs, Angel managed well, and even adapted a way to clean his face. Angel will be missed by bunny mom, Kerry, and companion bunny, Sandi. He joins former companion, Dexter, and hopefully will now be able to romp with him on all four legs. Thank you for being my friend, Angel. I will miss you, sweet boy.

Briley Stewart: passed away on February 3, 2003 from complications due to her age. With mom, Kerry, for a long time, Briley was rescued from a vet's office where she had been abandoned. Briley was a beautiful girl who will be missed by companions Roger and Derby. She joins former companions Palmer and Cozy, and best bunny boyfriend, Kip, at the Rainbow Bridge. Mom will miss you brave girl. My love goes with you.

Dane Stewart: the apple of his mommy's eye, passed away from cancer on February 23, 2003. Dane was a beautiful and lovable, "marshmallow" of a bunny boy. Far too young to pass, Dane joins bunny girlfriend, Chloe, in bunny heaven. He leaves behind a very dear, and very sad bunny friend, Clancy. Dane was the best friend that any being could have ever have, and he will be sadly missed by mom, Kerry,
who sends thousands of kisses to her "shortenin' bread."

Sandi Stewart: passed away on March 26, 2003. Always catching the eye of visitors, Sandi was a big, beautiful, blonde bunny girl. Not always comfortable with human companionship, Sandi and mom, Kerry, became closer, the older she got. Sandi will be greatly missed by bunny companions Derby, Roger, and Clancy, as she joins former long-time bunny companion, Angel, at the bridge.
I hope you may find much deserved peace where you are, now, sweetheart.

Kizzie Heebner:

An Ode to Kizzie

Lord you brought them into this world tiny and hairless.
They grew fast and became so cute and cuddly
With their powder puff tails and long ears.
They were all different sizes and colors.
Man tried to improve them by changing their fur and their ears.

But your creation could not be improved upon.
What man did only caused problems for these little creatures.
Their hair became matted and their ears infected.

All adored them when they were small.
You made them quiet and clean.
As they grew their owners didn't treat them as they did their other pets.
They were put in cages outside to be seen and cared for once or twice a day.
They bore this treatment with patience and love.
However many owners never knew of this love.

Those who brought them inside found them smart, warm, affectionate, and funny.
We saw the funny things they did.
They threw toys with their mouths.
They'd jump straight up in the air for no reason.
They'd kick out their legs in joy.
Their kissed were warm and full of love and trust.

They asked for very little - only the love that man gave his other pets.
After a while people grew tired of them and let them loose to fend for themselves.
Or gave them to shelters which were overflowing with their kind.
Oh, what man missed by their careless treatment of these gentle creatures.

Lord, You have blessed me with five of these furry balls.
They taught me to love more than any other pet I owned.
Every one was different and taught me something different about the world you created.
They had days of feeling good and days of feeling bad just as I do.

But, Lord, You decided to take two home before I had the time to watch them grow old.
Both went quickly.
They got sick and died within a week.
I mourn for them both, especially the last one.
I feel that I have failed her in some way.
That there was something I could have done to make here better.

She was so frightened and yet so wanting of love.
She never tried to hurt me but would fight me off when I tried to pet or hold her.
She was abused before I got her and thus she was confused when I offered her love.
Lord, how could someone do anything to harm such a trusting and beautiful creature?
When they could no longer go near her, they got rid of her, which was the best thing they ever did for her.

Lord, I miss her so.
I miss her pig sounds.
I miss her leaping for joy.
I miss her sneaking up behind me to give me a kiss.
I miss her eating out of my hand.
I miss seeing her snuggle up next to her roommate.
I miss seeing that beautiful creation of Yours.

She was so small and beautiful with pure white fur and black ears and circles around her eyes.
She was the sweetest little thing alive, though her nickname was "Attack Rabbit".
Hunny became her mother because human mothers had been so cruel.
Now she is also in mourning and I don't know whether to get her another bunny for company.
Will she accept or reject the new addition?
Only you know the answer to that, Lord, and you will have to guide me.
We both know nothing will replace Kizzie, our hearts ache so.

Lord, please keep her safe and close to you.
Let her know the true love she deserved.
Let her romp free with her own kind.
Let her feel no pain or fear, she had enough of that down here.

And so Lord although I still mourn and grieve for her, I know she is in a far better place.
Kizzie, I miss you so.

Molly: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, passed away in spite of treatment for an infection on May 8, 2003. Molly was a beautiful, big, black bunny girl who had the most impressive and grand ears. Molly was faced with several challenges to her health and well-being while in foster care, but was always sweet and easy. Molly will be very much missed by the members and volunteers who clean cages and socialize the fosters, as well as by her foster mom, Kerry. We love you, Molly!

Tad Stewart: passed away unexpectedly on May 21, 2003. Tad faced major challenges in life that began with a fall. Although he received treatment for an injured rear leg, Tad never regained use of it, and it was removed. Tad had minimal use of his remaining rear leg, but managed to get where he needed to go. Tad was a little bundle of sweetness who will be sadly missed by companion, Cadence, and mom, Kerry. Tad is survived by seven brothers and sister, including Pip, Rory, Storm, Patrick and Sweetie. You will be forever in my heart, Taddy.

Sneakers Stewart: passed away suddenly on June 15, 2003. He was a beautiful Holland Lop and Mini-Lop mix. Sneakers was full of affection, curiosity and fun. He also had a mind of his own. He leaves behind his beloved companion, Raven, who's love for him was strong. He will be remembered lovingly and missed by former mom, Nancy Gatewood, and current mom, Kerry Stewart. Miss you, baby.

Thumper Messick:
4-15-99      7-14-03

When you entered our home, he was there, sitting like a little puppydog a few feet away on the living room floor waiting to receive a few loving stokes from his “parents”. Thumper was one of those marvelously docile creatures that had the run of the house, along with his companions Snowball and Bobby (another RabbitHabit rescue). Yet Thumper was the greeter, checking to see if all who enter were friendly and perhaps bearing gifts of carrots, parsley, dandelion greens, or his favorite veggie, dill.
Thumperdill was the protector of his smaller housemates, and kept a watchful eye on them whenever they were allowed their precious moments of freedom outside in the yard. His delicately fine hair waving in the breeze as if to say “I’m happy to be alive and enjoying life to it’s fullest”. He always seemed tranquil and at peace, even when our local cat or groundhog would come to call. Thumper’s watchful eyes would take in the whole scene, checking to see all was safe for his buddies.
Thumper crossed the Rainbow Bridge on Monday, July 14th, 2003. Although he kept large predators away, ironically it was a flystrike that took his precious life. A horrible and devastating way for a bun to leave this earth. He has been placed at rest next to Roo (whose obit was featured in the memorial section of the Thumper Quarterly winter 02/03 edition).
While young Bobby is still filled with boundless energy and has yet to realize the loss of his protector, it is the elder Snowball who, in the September of his years, had closely bonded with Thumperdill and appears to be missing his buddy the most. Among the human housemates, Jack has suffered the loss of his little buddy the greatest. He has received some solace from above that he will encounter the spirit of Thumper yet again in some form as he continues though life’s journey. Humans Valerie & Stephen also miss the gentle Holland lop, Thumperdill. Rest in peace, Little Buddy.

Derby Stewart: passed away on August 13, 2003 due to the complications of age. Derby was a handsome black and white Dutch, who was sweet, friendly and spunky. Derby's legs and appetite failed in the last few weeks, but his spirit was strong. He joins best bunny girlfriend, Calla, and other good bunny friends, Cozy, Briley, and Sandi on the other side. He leaves behind his friends on this side, Clancy, Raven, Roger and mom, Kerry. A loving farewell to a wonderful boy and long-time companion. Miss you.

Maxine: a Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away, unexpectedly following emergency spay surgery. Maxine was plagued with health problems during her short time in foster care. In the face of constant pain, Maxine was ever sweet and spirited. She was gone too soon and never found a the wonderful home that she so deserved. Foster mom, Kerry, will remember how you always shined in the face of adversity, little angel girl.

Raven Stewart: passed away on October 15, 2003 from the natural causes of age. Raven was a tiny beauty who was bold in her youth, but grew increasingly mellow with age. Raven leaves behind three good bunny friends - Clancy, Roger and Lana, and joins her friends already at the bridge - Murphy, Sneakers, and Derby. No bunny was ever a better friend to those here and passed, sweetheart. I will miss your perfect, little face looking up at me.

Winnie: a Rabbit Habit foster for nearly a year and a half, passed away on November 9, 2003 after valiantly fighting a stubborn bacterial infection. Winnie faced challenges from the beginning, when she was given up by her family and lost her indoor home. She also needed a proper diet to improve some of her health problems. Finally finding a loving home of her own, Winnie passed away far too soon. Winnie, I weep for what could have been, Sweetheart, for what you were so close to getting, finally. I told you that I loved you every day for nearly a year and a half, and I hope you believed it, Baby, because it is true. I miss you.




“My Beautiful Winnie”
Winnie crossed the bridge on November 9, 2003. Winnie however found her forever home and a mommy who loved her very much. I anxiously had waited to adopt Winnie for four long weeks and finally did on November 8, 2003.
Winnie was not to be with me for long. There were complications from surgery she just had. It was too much for her little body and I had to let her go. She was asking me to do this for her and that it was o.k. for she finally had what she had always wanted. Winnie had wanted her very own home where she was loved unconditionally. She knew I adopted her because it was her, Winnie that I wanted. Winnie passed over surrounded with love and in peace with her mommy holding her, kissing her and telling her how much I loved her and how much her mommy Kerry loved her.
Winnie Michelle Landes, I will always love you with all my heart and soul my precious little girl. Our time together was too short, but it was worth every minute. I love you
"Grieve not,
nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk of me
      as if I were beside you....
I loved you so -
      'twas Heaven here with you."
           Isla P. Richardson

Janie Landes



Jules (right): Rabbit Habit foster bunny, Jules, passed away following surgery on January 17, 2002. Jules came into our care with many physical problems. After seven months of nursing and two surgeries, Jules lost his battle for life. Jules was a wonderfully sweet and friendly little boy lop who will be incredibly missed by foster mom, Kerry, and his brother, Jaden. Sleep sweet my little Julie. 

Penelope: "Penny", a Rabbit Habit foster bunny, died suddenly on March 27, 2002 from a heart condition. Penny was one of seven bunnies born July 29, 2001 in foster care to Chantel. She was a vibrant, spirited and sweet little girl who passed too young. Penny will live on in the heart of foster mom, Kerry.

Chloe Stewart: passed away on August 21, 2002 from complications following surgery. Chloe was with mom, Kerry, since she was about twelve weeks old. She was a beautiful mini-lop girl with buff coloring and darker muzzle, ears and feet. Chloe was an independent bunny, who clearly had her likes and dislikes. She was a wonderful friend to bunny pals Clancy and Dane. They will surely miss snuggling with a gorgeous girl. I always loved you, Chloe!

Palmer Stewart: passed away on August 27, 2002. Rescued from a golf course, Palmer came a long way from the shy, shrinking, boy that mom, Kerry brought home four years ago. Mom will miss her strikingly handsome boy who gave sweet nudges to be petted. Bunny girlfriend, Briley, will miss your loving attention, as well. I wish that I could climb up to bunny heaven and bring you back again, sweet boy!

Coy Gumpper: a former Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away on September 30, 2002. You will be missed by foster mom, Kerry, your companion, Pip, and your loving family, Terrence and Melissa who write: Monday night our little one, Coy, passed away. He went peacefully in daddy's arms. He was very loved and will be dearly missed. We are distressed, and his best friend, Pip, is distraught. He really loved his buddy. Coy was a lovable little guy. He was a rescue rabbit. His early years were not so nice, but since his rescue he lived in bliss. He was a loving child, and a wonderful son to us both.

Roo Messick: a former Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away in August 2002. His foster mom, Kerry, companions Snowball and Thumper, and family - Jack, Valerie and Stephen will miss him dearly.

A tribute to ROO - How a small animal made a large difference in our home.

For me it was love at first sight. I walked into Kerry Stewart's home and there in front of me was the most adorable and unique looking bun. A black Holland lop; a bit underweight and ears that had been partially chewed off. ROO had been caged with another bun in someone's basement. Another person talked the owners into surrendering the buns to an animal shelter. As fate has it, Kerry Stewart became the steward of ROO, but not for long.

On another Saturday a month later after cleaning cages, I made a quick decision and brought ROO to our home. No one knew he was coming; not my son, my husband, or for that matter, not even our other two buns SNOWBALL and THUMPER. After ROO was in our home for a few days I began to understand why his ears had been chewed. ROO was spirited and wanted to be accepted and close to his own kind. The bun that he had previously been caged with had no choice. They had been thrust together in close quarters as a matter of convenience for the owners. (What would you do if you were caged with 'somebun' who got on your nerves?)

But all that changed for ROO. On April 27th, 2002 he found a life that most buns can only dream about. He had one whole room all to himself, and his territory grew as he learned to use the litterbox. The other buns began to accept him under their terms. There were a few times when we had to intercede until the buns gradually accepted and eventually liked one another. SNOWBALL, who is eight years old and a loner, would venture down the five steps to the family room to check out ROO. If things got "hairy" (as they sometimes did) SNOWBALL would run up to step #3. There he knew he was safe from ROO's advances. As time went on, we would find SNOWBALL visiting the family room in search of this new family member. SNOWBALL was the bun who taught ROO how to groom. We witnessed this beautiful bonding that made our hearts fill with joy. However, it was the tie that ROO had with THUMPER (another Holland lop) that was was the most precious. They hung together most of the time. Wherever THUMPER went, ROO followed. It wasn't uncommon to see ROO laying up against his larger friend. When they were outside grazing on the lawn, they began to play games, seeing who could run the fastest and "bink" the highest. Need I say more. By now you can see the small miracle who we had the joy of knowing for three short months.

ROO died suddenly of heart failure. The doctor told us that he had a defective heart. But in our family's own hearts and minds, little ROO had the largest and most perfect heart than any living creature could have. Even SNOWBALL and THUMPER have become closer together as a direct result of ROO entering their lives.

We all miss you very much, ROO ROO January 20th, 1999 - August 5th, 2002

Jack & Valerie Messick

Jaden: a Rabbit Habit foster passed away unexpectedly on October 6, 2002. He, and his brother Jules (previously passed), were plagued with health problems before entering our care due to the gross neglect of their previous owner. After several surgeries and constant medicating and care, Jaden lived a happy life as a special needs foster bunny in foster mom, Kerry's private living area. I know you have met up again with brother Jules at the Rainbow Bridge and can explore that world together. Foster mom will never forget how special you both were, and how I hoped that you would both make it. My heart is broken, Jaden, and I will treasure our time together.

Rexie: a permanent Rabbit Habit foster bunny passed away from complications of age on November 27, 2002. Rexie was a beautiful and gentle ten-year-old black Mini-Rex female. After a lifetime of neglect, Rexie came into foster care with several types of cancer, but only one was operable. Rexie was a gracious and brave little girl, who faced all of her challenges with an easy-going nature. Rexie will be missed by foster mom, Kerry, and her sweet spirit will never be forgotten. She will also be missed by those Rabbit Habit members who came to know her gentle personality. Rexie, you were finally loved.




Calla Stewart: passed away on October 21, 2001. Calla was a brave and sweet little girl who faced many challenges in her life. Ever rising above her problems, Calla was an inspiration to Mom, Kerry who will miss her sweet kisses. Calla leaves behind a loving companion bunny, Derby.

Kip Stewart: passed away on October 20, 2001 from a rare form of cancer. Kip was an amazingly intelligent and affectionate bunny, who related on a different level than most bunnies. Mom, Kerry is devastated at the loss of her "rock" and best bunny friend, whose presence is so very noticeably missing from her home, but never her heart. Thank you, Kip, for one of the best friendships that Mom has ever had. 

Romey Stewart: passed away on June 16, 2001 due to complications of old age. No bunny was an easier bunny than Romey, who was often referred to as "the gentleman bunny". Romey was mom, Kerry Stewarts' little soul mate bunny with a sweet spirit that will never leave her. Romey joins companion Celeste and another former bunny friend, in bunny heaven. Mom is so glad to have shared time on this earth with you Romey!

Dappy: It is with great sadness that I announce the passing of Rabbit Habit permanent foster bunny, Dappy. Dappy passed away on March 28, 2001, following surgery for a tumor removal. Dappy will be sadly missed by foster mom, Kerry Stewart, former mom, Kristin Robinson and all the of the R.H. foster bunnies.  Dappy was a sweet and wonderful friend who was ever-brave with his physical challenges. Dappy was "Eeyore" in a bunny body and will be missed as foster mom, Kerry, makes the bunny feeding rounds without him. 

Celeste Stewart passed away on March 3, 2001.  Celeste was a remarkably beautiful grey and white mini-lop who was left with a companion bunny in a hutch when her "family" moved away. Her companion died of starvation, but Celeste was rescued before succumbing to the same fate. Celeste, though sometimes grouchy, had a wonderful sense of humor and loved to play slinky with mom. She will be missed by companion bunny, Romey, and mom Kerry Stewart. 

Tinker Stewart passed away on March 4th, 2001, from complications associated with a spinal injury. Tinker was a big, gentle sweetheart of a bunny. Tinker's passing has left a hole in the heart of companion bunny, Cozy. An ever-close and loving bunny couple, Cozy will never forget the bunny boy of her lifetime. Mom, Kerry will also never forget the sweet, gentle boy who came to stay for five years.




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