THE RABBIT HABBIT: Membership Directory


Gwen Bitting

Jennifer Barbieri

Sharon Boram (Work Crew Chair)

David Brach and Carole Sable

Harry and Pat Brown

Lori Busch

Gale Campbell

Bob Conrique

Cathie Cush

Laura and Dan DeMarzo  

Irene Findley

Kathryn and Joe Galagher

Melissa Gumpper

Terrence Gumpper

Dorothy Hoffman (Newsletter Editor)  

Bill and Lori Holdsworth

Donna Iannuzzi

Kathi Jencso

Gina Klepadlo

Janie Landes  

Doris Lange  

Lynne Laurelli  

Frank & Margie Martinez (Treasurer)

Sean and Desiree Mecca

Cecilia Mejias

Donna Middleton

Cathy Montiegel (Secretary)

Wayne Moore

Joe and Leslie Murphy

Carolyn Nehring

Tracy and Warren Petrofsky

Coleen and Emil Pilacik

Linda Pizzi

Frank and Debbie Preedy

Theresa Romaldini

Joan Schneider

Norah Shultz (Vice President & Education Chair)

Sandy Smith

Jim and Age Stephens

Debbie Stevens

Kerry Stewart (President)

Kristin Yam

Betty Yerger

Mike and Lynn Yurcho

Giselle Zayon

Morgan Zazow


Katie Scott




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