The Rabbit Habit is a non-profit organization. It's purposes include rabbit rescue and foster care of homeless and abandoned bunnies, public education about rabbits as house pets, and shelter support / hands-on assistance to SPCAs and Humane Societies. If you are interested in joining, please take a moment to let us know how you would like to become involved.

Yearly Participating Membership dues for the Rabbit Habit are $25 per household, per year with two of the following Service Requirements:

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Yearly Sponsoring Membership dues for the Rabbit Habit are $35 per househould, per year, with no Service Requirements.

Members will receive all mailings -- meeting announcements, meeting minutes, special announcements, social announcements, newsletters and updated lists. 

Members will receive discounts on bunnies adopted through The Rabbit Habit, discounts on some Rabbit Habit merchandise and coupons for money off merchandise (when available). 

Completing the survey below will email your answers to our information contact (Email The Rabbit Habit)- 

Make checks payable to The Rabbit Habit. Please note that the Rabbit Habit has a minimum age requirement of 18.

Rabbit Habit Subscription Membership is available for $10 per household, per year and will include a subscription to the newsletter.


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Sharing information with veterinary establishments, pet stores, breeders
Fostering homeless or needy rabbit(s) awaiting permanent homes
Bunny-sitting for other R.H. members, while they're away
Helping out at a local shelter on a work rotation
Participating in fundraising activities
Contributing articles to the Rabbit Habit newsletter
Hosting Rabbit Habit meetings at your home
Holding an office or serving on a committee
Recruiting new members
Representing the Rabbit Habit at animal rescue events and the like
Donation items (pellets, veggies, toys, etc.) to area shelters
Speaking at pet care conferences and related events
Generating new ideas

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